Putin has already won

Putin has already won, but no one wants to admit it. Russia is far too large to fail.


I get it Now!!!

Nothing made sense until today, when Germany announced that it will continue to buy Russian oil and natural gas, despite Vladimir Putin’s continuing to perpetrate every war crime known to man. China has recently expressed its support for Russia, refusing to criticize the invasion of Ukraine and referring to Russia as a key “strategic partner.”

Everything makes clear now.

The statements of Germany’s Chancellor remind me of 2008, when Americans were urged to bail out the very banks and unscrupulous lenders that had caused the financial crisis. Those CEOs took our money and used it to lavishly reward themselves with large bonuses and lavish purchases.

Nonetheless, here we are.

Putin is well aware of his actions.

You may label me a liar or a pessimist. Well, I believe it is dishonest to continue to pay lip service to human rights and democracy when the unstated truth is that most of the so-called “free world” has painted itself into a lethal corner, unable to act to save lives. We won’t be able to do anything about Ukraine and future Ukraines until we stop acting as if we’re a threat to Russia, economically or otherwise, and admit how terribly we’ve screwed up.

As a result, I’m writing…

This month, there has been a regular stream of highly confident opinion pieces discussing Putin’s “great blunder” in invading Ukraine.

They have a flippant, even arrogant tone to their voice. These are the same columnists who continue to predict the pandemic’s conclusion.

Westerners, particularly Americans, have repeatedly failed to comprehend the mentality of leaders like Trump and Putin. Many Americans are slackers, entitled, and self-centered, but they aren’t psychopaths.

Psychopaths aren’t crazy…

They follow a logic that most of us don’t understand. Consider for a moment that the bombardment of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station in Enerhodar was done on purpose, rather than as a random act of violence. It only served to emphasize the message that Putin has been conveying to the rest of the globe. He’ll wreak total havoc on anyone who stands in his way. He’s going to set fire to the entire continent.

You’re in a fairly powerful position if you seem and act like you don’t give a crap.

In a nutshell, it was a mental exercise.

It was a terrifying act.

Peace discussions and humanitarian relief follow the same method. They keep dangling peace and evacuation routes in front of residents, then bombing them as they depart. Land mines were even strewn over one road.

This appears to be on purpose.

It all feels like a particularly heinous sort of psychological warfare, designed to cause as much pain as possible.

Consider America’s track record when it comes to claims that the Russian military hasn’t taken over Ukraine “quickly enough” and that this is an indication of Putin’s poor strategy.

You’re in a fairly powerful position if you look and act like you don’t give a damn.

It was, in a nutshell, a psychological exercise.

It was a frightening act.

The same approach is used in peace talks and humanitarian help. They keep dangling peace and evacuation routes in front of residents, then bombing them as they attempt to evacuate. Land mines were strewn about along one route.

This appears to be done with purpose.

It all feels like a particularly heinous sort of psychological warfare, meant to cause as much agony as possible.

Consider America’s past record when it comes to claims that the Russian military hasn’t taken over Ukraine “quickly enough” and that this is an indication of Putin’s blunder.

In 2003, the first American invasion of Iraq lasted more than a month. As an occupying force, we spent another 17 years there, accomplishing almost nothing.

America spends trillions of money on its military, yet it can’t accomplish anything other than blow stuff up. If you ask me, we aren’t really competent to assess the military capability of another world leader.

Are we there yet?

Putin has shattered our unity.

Republicans have recently done some fascinating things.

On the one hand, some of them are openly calling for Putin’s murder. Some of them are demanding that we “do more” to assist Ukraine while crying about rising gas prices. Some of them are blaming woke pronouns for Putin’s invasion.

It’s incomprehensible…It appears to be stupid.

Republicans have said or done NOTHING that makes sense until you add the missing piece of the puzzle: peace. These jerks are still on Putin’s payroll, and they’re spreading discord on purpose.

Please bear with me for a moment.

Assume you’re a Republican with financial ties to Russia. At the very least, you owe it to the enemy to assist them, because they can still expose you and use whatever blackmail they have. Putin will not be prosecuted for bribing American lawmakers.

Yes, they are.

So, if you want to aid Russia while appearing to be an American patriot, you’ll have to make a show of it. You need to generate a lot of noise while providing no actionable plan.

If you can divert attention away from Putin and have a talk about something else, such as gas costs or pronouns, you’ll win bonus points.

It all makes sense now, doesn’t it?

Putin does not require the conquest of Europe.

I’ve been thinking about Putin’s long-term strategy for the past week. It didn’t make sense until I donned my psychopath hat for a few moments.

We’ve been wondering whether Putin will attack more countries in the future. That is incomprehensible.

Here’s how it works:

Putin is under no need to invade other countries. He doesn’t even need to take control of Ukraine’s government.

All he has to do now is make an example of them.

This conflict already feels like it’s been going on for a long time. It hasn’t even been two weeks since we started.

Putin is well aware of this. He is well aware that the world is pressured and fatigued as a result of the pandemic. By aiding the propagation of anti-vaxxer propaganda, he actually contributed to exacerbating and prolonging it.

Putin is also aware that the globe is running out of essential supplies, owing to our depletion of resources.

Russia is the world’s leading exporter of: Oil, Steel, Cereals, Grains, Wood, Fertilizer, Aluminum

Unfortunately, the world cannot function without this type of information. Compare it to the biggest exports from the United States, such as beverages, planes, and automobiles. Bro, you can’t create drinks without metal. Plastic bottles cannot be made without the use of oil. You also can’t drive a car or fly a plane without it.

Sanctions have made Western countries thud their chests. Putin, according to pundits, overplayed his hand. What’s more, guess what?

I believe we did.

The world is progressively waking up to the harsh reality that we rely on Russia for a significant portion of our raw materials. We had ten years to increase our reliance on renewable energy sources. That wasn’t simply a wonderful thing for the environment, though. It was also a strategic move that was required.

We had been waiting much too long.

The climate wars have begun.

Russia is currently involved in a different kind of conflict. Climate change is always left out of the discussion by the pundits.

It is, in fact, the most important component.

Putin has sparked the climate wars, a series of clashes that experts have predicted for more than a decade. Ukraine is only the start of a long journey .

Natural resource-controlling societies will wield the most power. Those that rely on imports will see their authority diminish. The world and our future are the biggest losers in the absence of a sustainable energy strategy.

So far, Putin has triumphed at the expense of all life.

He knows a lot more about the new international economy than most westerners do. Even if his own citizens suffer, he recognizes that his country owns the raw, natural resources we require.

China, his ally, is in charge of the rest.

Remember that, despite its heinous and highly obvious human rights atrocities, China still regards Russia as its most important ally. If it doesn’t give you the shivers, I don’t know what will. Between Russia and China, American arrogance is bested.

We’re attempting to relive the great days of WWII. Those days are no longer with us.

Our reign of terror has come to an end.

Putin is well aware of this.

Apple may gloat about halting the sale of its smartphones. It won’t be long before they return for the rare earth elements they require to manufacture them.

Russia is simply too big to fail, no matter how hard it tries. That’s how we made it. If we want to win in the end, we’ll have to make the sacrifices we keep saying we’re prepared to make. We need to delegitimize Putin. This will necessitate a significant shift in our ideals as well as our economy. Otherwise, we’ll continue to lose.

story by Mpumelelo Moyo




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